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Astrid Salthaug

Yoga Teacher



Astrid offers Vinyasa yoga, Yin, Restorative yoga and yoga Nidra. Astrid´s Vinyasa yoga is highly breath centered and focuses on fluid sequences with the goal of using the asana as a tool to bring you into the moment, so that you can start to make more optimal choices for yourself on and off the mat. Astrid encourage you to live yoga off the mat. Yoga is a lifestyle rooted in philosophy rather than workout (but it is a very good supplement to your training if your goal is to gain more flexibility too). Astrid’s classes put an emphasis on what feels good in your body – for you to listen in and be aware to take optimal choices, so the strength, flexibility and the awareness you practice on your mat will help you off your mat. Astrid has experienced a lot of injuries from outside the yoga mat, which makes her very understanding and welcoming to different variations, shapes and forms in a class. ​As an antidote to the high energy vinyasa classes, she sees the value for a lot of people in todays society to include more of the cooling, lunar, feminine energy to create a balance in their life. A lot of Astrid´s teachings are focused around how you can slow down and breathe to cope with physical or mental challenges, and to find back to the silence where you can listen to the wisdom within. Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra and different breath practices is the perfect medicine to this society that is telling us to do more with less time.  

Astrid found yoga in 2008 when she studied dance. In the beginning, she used the practice as a tool to breath and to increase her flexibility in dance. She practiced with a book on her own and didn't find it enjoyable. But she believed it was good for her. While studying Personal Trainer in Bali in 2010, she and three other students, out of 80, went regularly to yoga practice. During that time, she understood that there was a philosophy behind the asana-practice, and her interest in yoga increased. When she discovered Vinyasa yoga, she totally felt like home. Creativity, movement, music, singing, and philosophy – everything sewed together in one package. 

Astrid is an experienced yoga teacher, E-RYT 200 + RYT500, registered with Yoga Alliance. She is the manager of Joy Yoga studio in Oslo, where you can practice with her in her weekly classes. After graduating from Atman Yoga School, she has been teaching at several studios in Oslo as well as teaching in festivals like Atman Yoga Festival, ShapeUp Convention, Yogaweekend in Geilo and assisting at Movement and Arts festival in Oslo and Joogafestival in Helsinki. Astrid also hosts week long retreats and weekend retreats, internationally and in Norway. 

Astrid is part of the teaching staff at Atman Yoga School and teach her first 200 hour Vinyasa teacher training fall 2021 (training held in Norwegian). 

Join her weekly classes at Joy Yoga Oslo.


Public Classes

Joy Yoga


  • Tuesday 19.30-20.45: Lunar Flow + Yoga Nidra

  • Wednesday 16.30-17.45: Vinyasa Flow level 2

  • Thursday 09.00-10.00: YangYin (half Vinyasa, half Yin)

Make sure to check the studio schedule + follow me on Instagram to see when I teach weekend classes and when I sub extra classes. Feel free to contact me: 


10.januar 2022

Oslo Yogafestival
28.-30.januar 2022

Apollo Treningscamp på Kreta
7.-14.mai 2022

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Ving treningscamp
27.sept-4.okt 2022

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November 2022

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